Friday, 20 June 2014


When you find yourself in the mire of negative thinking and dwelling on the past in a negative way, you lose your drive, passion and momentum. These thoughts and feelings do not help and if you can put them aside, do so. There is a time and season for all things, even depression and mourning. But let the season pass as it will and when it does, put on your running shoes and hit the road hard. Get the momentum and get going back to the top. Do not risk getting stuck in the mire for years on end.

I noticed when watching TV that a lot of the characters demonstrate levels of emotion that are over the top, either enraged, jealous, or patronising to the viewer who is left with a paper thin plot filled in with characters like some toddler's crayon scribbling over a bad colouring book. Alas, these overly emotional characters and emotionally charged scenes are portrayed as normal, or at least become considered as normal by the folks who sit watching TV day in and day out, absorbing these emotional cues as if the scenes portrayed were real. If we fall for these scenes and poor interpretations of the world, we risk losing ourselves to an emotional tidal wave of pure stupidity. 

That's not to say that quality entertainment and movies are to be avoided, or that the deep emotions being portrayed in a classic opera are all so much drivel, but that there is a time and place to indulge oneself in allowing emotions to wash over you; and then there is a time and place to focus on your life, your goals, your family and take action. If these emotions drive you to focus and success, all well and good, but when you are focusing on them, you are incapable of focussing on your work and strategies. Reminiscing about a lost love for years will mean years of your life lost for no reason! Walk away and forget it if you can; if you can't, mourn, but not for too long. A day in mourning could be a day closer to having all your dreams, goals and wishes come true. Rather focus on tomorrow when yesterday sucked! 

There are of course positive emotions like love, trust and happiness, but lets be honest, we do stupid things for love too! In general, we need to be able to separate emotions from decisions as far as possible without destroying our feelings (and when I say we, I include myself, but not in the royal sense!). We (heh) need to learn to ride the emotions and bridle them, not crush them: set them aside when they are not helpful and dominate our lives. I will write more about how to do this (based on my experience of course) soon(ish)!